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 In 2019 Bendigo Theatre Company will again produce TENX10 – a performance of ten plays, each around ten minutes long. The aim of TENX10 is “to encourage everyone to get involved in local theatre, to give opportunities to, and permission for, people to explore and create.”

BTC has opened play submissions for TENX10 for 2019. Submissions rules are:

  • Original and unpublished plays between 8 and 10 minutes long
  • Writers may submit more than one play
  • Play should not include special staging as a pre-defined set will be used
  • Plays remain the property of the writer, but they cannot be changed after submission.
  • Plays must be submitted in a specific format – click SCRIPT FORMAT EXAMPLE
  • Two PDF files of the play must be submitted. One must be de-identified – no writer identification.
  • Plays should be submitted to bendigotheatrecompany@gmail.com
  • Submissions close midnight 31 December 2018


Criteria for play selection

  • Plot – clearly defined, credible and interesting
  • Characters – vivid and entertaining
  • Theme – sufficiently drawn out in the plot
  • Language – expressive dialogue and/or narrative
  • Rhythm – the interaction of all play elements
  • Suitable for the TenX10 format – standard set, simple staging, development opportunities for Director and cast
  • Consistent with a diverse and stimulating programme of play

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