• What do I sing at my audition?
    Everybody will sing Happy Birthday.
  • Can I sing a second song to show off my vocal strengths?
    It can be any song of your choice. It can be a song from Grease.
  • If I choose to sing a second song, should I sing the whole song?
    No. Choose a short section of the song that demonstrates your vocal range and strengths.
  • Can I have backing music for my second song?
    Yes, if you can supply both the music and your own speaker. You should cue it to the right place too please.
  • If I only want to be in the ensemble/company, do I have to sing and dance?
    Grease is an ensemble production, and everyone on stage must be able to sing and dance.
  • If I’m going for a lead/named part, where do I find the scripts I need to perform?
    The script pieces for lead auditions are on this link:
  • I haven’t memorised a part, can I read from a script in the audition?
    Yes, that is fine.
  • Do I need to memorise the script for my lead character audition?
    If you are planning to show how well you have prepared and your characterisation prowess, this would be a good idea.
  • If I’m interested in more than one character, do I have to memorise more than one script?
    No. Choose the character you want the most and put the effort into preparing for that part.
  • I’ve never had dance lessons, can I still be part of Grease?
    Grease is an ensemble production, and everyone on stage must be able to sing in tune and move with rhythm. Your audition will demonstrate your strengths and any areas that our choreographers think they can work on with you.
  • Why are you taking my head shot at the auditions?
    It is a standard practice in the theatre industry to take head shots of candidates so that the audition panel can remember faces. For the cast, we usually have a second date, down the track when we take publicity head shots. For Grease, we have decided to roll these two events into one to improve productivity and so that we have our publicity shots as soon as our cast is announced.
  • I forgot to advise you of a couple of dates that I’m not available, will I be penalised?
    You will have the opportunity to update your availability sheet at your auditions. If you are involved in school or other community theatre production and you think you may need to update your dates, please allow time to do that.
  • What happens if I miss rehearsals that I haven’t pre-advised on my audition booking form? 
    Where we know about absences in advance, we can do our best to accommodate the rehearsal schedule (within reason) accordingly.  “Pop-up” absences not only affect your ability to learn your part, they affect the whole production and the whole team – especially in a production such as Grease, where there will be a lot of partner work.
    If you are absent on three or more occasions that you have not pre-recorded, your position in the cast may be at risk.
  • If I’m cast and I can’t make it to a rehearsal (pre-advised or not) what does that mean?
    It means that you may not be in whatever scene we are teaching that day.
  • I’m not available for production week anymore, is that ok?
    That is not ok. Production week is a vital part of any show. You would be letting yourself and the whole cast and team down to not be available for any production week dates.
  • Is it free to audition for a Tribe production?
  • If I am cast, what is the cost of being involved in this production?
    As well as the BTC membership fee (see next question) all cast will pay a players’ fee of $30. There will be some costume items that you will need to purchase for yourself, and you will need to supply your own make up. There will be an optional production t-shirt or hoody too. As a guide, last year the cost of the hoody was $55.
  • Do I have to be a BTC member to take part in this production?
    If you are cast, you must join the Bendigo Theatre Company before you can participate in any rehearsals.  Annual membership is $20 for under 18s and $30 for over 18s.
  • Am I already a BTC member? 
    If you were in Wyrd Sisters or TENx10, chances are you have already paid your BTC membership. If you want to check, please email the company.
  • If I am called back when will I be advised?
    Anybody who is being considered for one of the twelve lead roles may be required to attend a call back on Monday 4th Our production manager will be in touch with you on Sunday evening to arrange call backs.
  • If I’m not contacted on Sunday, does that mean I’m not in the show?
    No it doesn’t mean that.
  • When will the cast be advised if they have a role?
    We are hoping to have the show cast on Monday evening. Cast will be contacted that night – we won’t make you wait!
  • If I am cast will I have to supply any costume items?
    As well as footwear, socks and hosiery, our costume team will supply a list of costume requirements for all participants.
  • When do I need to accept my role by?
    Everyone will need to accept their role by Wednesday 6 June at 6pm.
  • When is the first rehearsal?
    The first rehearsal is Saturday 9th June from 1pm to 5.30pm. All fees are payable at that rehearsal.
  • What happens if I don’t make it into the show?
    There are over 75 people auditioning for around 34 parts. If you have prepared well and done the very best audition you could manage – well done! That’s all you can do. There will be more Tribe and BTC productions that we hope you will audition for in the future.
  • Can I find out why I wasn’t cast?
    No. The director’s decision is final.