Legally Blonde


LEGALLY BLONDE THE MUSICAL, follows the transformation of Elle Woods as she tackles stereotypes, snobbery, and scandal in pursuit of her dreams. It’s a fabulously fun international award-winning musical based on the adored movie. This action-packed musical explodes on the stage with memorable songs and dynamic dances. Equal parts hilarious and heart-warming warming, this musical is so much fun it should be illegal!

Director | Vern Wall
Musical Director | Judy Chalmers
Choreographer | Shantelle Rathbone
Production Manager | Maureen Fleiner


ALL ROLES Friday 14th July from 6pm – 10pm
LEADS ONLY Saturday 15th July from 9am – 4pm
LEADS ONLY Sunday 16th July from 9am – 12noon
ENSEMBLE ONLY Sunday 16th July from 1pm – 3pm
CALL BACKS Monday 17th July (if required), in time blocks of 10-15 minutes

Commence 26th July
Sunday from 1.30pm to 5.00pm and Wednesday 7.30pm till 10.30pm

AUDITION BOOKINGS can be made until 9.00am on 8 July by clicking here