“Tribe members can be collaborators or competitors. They can share the same vision or have utterly different ones. They can be of a similar age or from different generations. What connects a tribe is a common commitment to the thing they feel born to do. This can be extraordinarily liberating, especially if you’ve been pursuing your passion alone.”

 – The Element by Sir Ken Robinson


TRIBE is a Youth Theatre Company for Central Victorian secondary school students/teenagers to meet people around their own age with similar interests.

Under the umbrella of the Bendigo Theatre Company, TRIBE is a place of mentorship and leadership. Throughout the year we facilitate workshops and lectures that demonstrate pathways into theatre both on- and off-stage.

In the September school holidays TRIBE will stage a production, the culmination of the year’s experience. Each off-stage role in our productions that is filled by an adult will be deputised by a young person so that we are constantly mentoring the next generation of theatre lovers.

Whether your interest is onstage or off stage, there’s a place for everyone in our TRIBE.