AGM Nominations

OUR AGM is coming up on the 21st of May.

Information regarding voting and proxy voting can be found here: BTC 2019 AGM Nomination and Proxy Documentation

Below you will find the details of those who have nominated to serve on the BTC Committee of Management. Regular updates will be made as nominations are received.

The below are in NO particular order!

abe watson headshot

ABE WATSON: Nominee for President

Abe loves BTC, and takes great pleasure in seeing members working together to develop great outcomes and strong friendships.

Abe has been a member of BTC continuously since 2004. Elected to the General Committee in 2011, he has held various responsibilities, including: Marketing, Technical Management, Production and Operations Management, Programming, Governance and Policy Management, etc. He served as Vice President between 2014 – 2018 and as President since 2018.

Abe feels particularly proud of his work in implementing a more structured approach to company programming, including the introduction of ‘theatre seasons’, as well as the annual season launch. He is also proud of his work alongside the 2018/19 Committee in developing a more functional governance structure for the committee to ensure BTC remains a relevant, functional, and vibrant community group well into the future.

An experienced Arts Manager, Abe has worked with many organisations in various producing roles; he has a deep understanding of all aspects of theatre and loves sharing this knowledge with those around him.

Abe holds a Bachelor of Arts (French/MediaComms), and is currently studying a Master of Arts and Cultural Management at The University of Melbourne.


Seamus Allan Headshot

SEAMUS ALLAN: Nominee for General Committee

Seamus has been involved consistently with Bendigo Theatre Company for the past two years and in that time he has tried his hand at an extensive range of theatre roles both onstage and offstage.

Seamus has taken on roles as a Performer, Director, Writer, Backstage Crew and recently has been developing skills in the area of Production Management through Wicked and the Kids Christmas Concert.

Seamus has been involved in every type of show we have to offer from play to musical to pantomime and believes that he can provide a voice for younger people within our community.



Jennifer Clohesy: Nominee for Secretary and General Committee

One of the highlights of my 30+ years in the Not-for-Profit sector was to participate in the State Government summit which redefined and shaped the future for all Victorian community groups.

This think tank laid down the journey for a successful Not-for-Profit; what was needed and what would be provided to enable groups to transition to a strong, resilient socially beneficial program.

Bendigo Theatre Company has a sound structure laid down already and now needs the right people with Not-for-Profit background to focus on building  the business side of this organisation and wonderful community.

I am one of those ‘right people.’

headshot- steph

Stephanie Willis: Nominee for General Committee Member

As a social worker I have experience in dealing with difficult and confidential issues,
have well developed interpersonal and communication skills and am adept at
working with a variety of people in different capacities. I also have excellent time
management and IT skills. I think my skills would transfer well to supporting the
BTC committee and would love to be a part of the great family that is Bendigo
Theatre Company. Thus far my experience with BTC has consisted of involvement
with the 10×10 2019 season, Sleeping Beauty Pantomime, BSharp concert and
several working bee’s.

rebecca o'sullivan

Rebecca O’Sullivan: Nominee for General Committee

Rebecca is proud to have contributed towards some exciting changes for the Theatre Company in her first year on the committee.  She has a background in criminal justice and working for courts/tribunals- skills she has actively utilised, encouraging transparency of process through development of clear governance policies, terms of reference, and guidelines.  When not chasing after three busy little boys, Bec offers vocal coaching at SingStudio and loves nothing more than belting out a song with students.  She is passionate about fostering a sense of community and hopes to facilitate performance opportunities for all BTC members, regardless of age or ability.

stania tresize (1)

Stania Tresize: Nominee for Secretary and General Committee

Stania has been involved for many years with BTC and has had a hand in dozens of shows as a performer, costumes, Front Of House, backstage, props, production manager and director

She has been on the Committee for more than 10 years and is keen to continue working together as a united group, nurture and support each other and help grow the unique image of BTC as a dynamic and creative place

Her greatest pleasure is to spend time with the younger kids encouraging them to try different things and to see them blossom

keva lloyd

Keva Lloyd: Nominee for General Committee

I am grateful to the members for giving me the opportunity to serve on the BTC Committee for the past year and have thoroughly enjoyed my first year of service. From working with the Wednesday Morning Crew to serving with such a talented and harmonious committee, I have developed a vision for where I believe BTC is heading into the future and I am convinced that we are well on the way.
The recent survey that Seamus conducted for the committee confirms and strengthens my belief.  I would like to continue the journey. With the members approval, I would seek to be re-elected to the committee.

barb billings

Barbara Billings: Nominee for General Committee

Barbara has enjoyed the busy year just completed on the BTC committee, particularly in taking on a role which provided the opportunity to interact directly with so many members of the company.  She believes this built on her prior experience as a teacher of thirty years, and also being a parent herself.  Barbara’s Wellbeing position utilised her positive and supportive skills and contributed to the Company/Committee achieving so many of its goals. She would like to help in consolidating these gains in 2019/2020.

emma fletcher

Emma Fletcher: Nominee for General Committee

Emma has three children, all of whom have been involved in BTC/Tribe in some capacity; she is very appreciative of every opportunity her children have been given by BTC and would like to give back to the company by serving on the general committee.

Emma was appointed to fill a casual vacancy on General Committee in late 2018, and has been instrumental in the development and implementation of new processes and policies helping to make BTC run more efficiently and professionally. Emma is currently working on improving the BTC Constitution and believes her skillset is well-suited to this important work.

Emma was a defendant personal injury solicitor for over 17 years and is now the Practice Manager for consulting rooms on View Street; she has a wealth of knowledge and experience which she wishes to share for the betterment of BTC

maureen fleiner

Maureen Fleiner: Nominee for Treasurer

In 2005, when Maureen’s son Steven successfully auditioned for a munchkin role in The Wizard of Oz, Mo offered to help out with costumes and has been involved, backstage, in every BTC production since. Maureen became swept up in the creativity of BTC and learned that she had a talent for altering garments. She is as much at home up a ladder or wielding paint brush as behind a sewing machine. She lists the flair of Joseph (2007) amongst her favourite shows.

During her time at BTC, she has run props, costume, sets, front of house and even Stage Managed for Godspell – an 11th hour challenge that she took on with her signature gusto. Mo has served on the BTC Committee for well over a decade and still finds time for gardening and her first love, golf.

vern wall

Vern Wall: Nominee for General Committee

Vern has been an active member of BTC since 1993, holding various roles and responsibilities throughout this time as Director, Assistant Director, Writer, Set Construction/Design and Stage Management for many productions. Not limited to production involvement, Vern has worked tirelessly as a committee member for more than 15 years, serving in positions such as Shed Manager, Treasurer, Vice President and president. In recognition of his service and dedication, Vern was awarded Life Membership of the Bendigo Theatre Company in 2010.

Vern has recently been presented with a distinguished alumnus award from Federation University (Ballarat) in the category of Outstanding Service to the Community, in recognition of his achievements in community theatre throughout his life

ken wells

Ken Wells: Nominee for Vice President

Ken has been involved with the BTC for approximately 19 years.  He has worked on the design and construction of many sets for various shows over the years, drawing on a lifetime of involvement in the building industry.

He has been involved also in the ongoing development and upgrading of the BTC’s Black Box Theatre, and is excited to see this area grow in popularity.

Ken has been BTC’s Technical Coordinator for most shows held in the Capital and Ulumbarra theatres over the years, helping to continue to build a strong working relationship between BTC and Bendigo Capital Arts and Events.

He was granted Life Membership to BTC in 2017, and was elected to the BTC Committee in 2018 as a General Committee member.

Ken is looking forward to being part of this year’s major production of Wicked and the continued growth and development of BTC as a company.

bevan madden headshot

Bevan Madden: Nominee for General Committee

Bevan has been a sitting committee member for the past year and believes that he has more to give this fantastic organisation. Bevan has been a member for the past two years (2017, 2018, 2019) and has been involved in almost all productions since then. He would like to thank the membership for their support over the last year.