Tribe-9 “Tribe members can be collaborators or competitors. They can share the same vision or have utterly different ones. They can be of a similar age or from different generations. What connects a tribe is a common commitment to the thing they feel born to do. This can be extraordinarily liberating, especially if you’ve been pursuing your passion alone.”  – The Element by Sir Ken Robinson

TRIBE is a Youth Theatre Company for Central Victorian secondary school students/teenagers to meet people around their own age with similar interests.

Under the umbrella of the Bendigo Theatre Company, TRIBE is a place of mentorship and leadership. Throughout the year we facilitate workshops and lectures that demonstrate pathways into theatre both on- and off-stage. In the September school holidays TRIBE will stage a musical production. Each off-stage role in our productions that is filled by an adult will be deputised by a young person so that we are constantly mentoring the next generation of theatre lovers.

Whether your interest is onstage or off stage, there’s a place for everyone in our TRIBE.

Tribe’s season has been designed to fall within the Easter and September school holidays, allowing for participants to maximize their involvement in performance both in and out of term time.

  • Over Easter, Bendigo’s newest youth theatre company, Tribe Youth Theatre, will present Sir Terry Pratchett’s Wyrd Sisters. This hilarious script from the Discworld series tells the tale of 3 witches in Macbethian style. With capacity for a flexible sized cast, director Kerry Turpie is looking forward to directing Wyrd Sisters for the third time in her career.

WS Logo with billing“Wyrd Sisters is clever, funny and multi-layered. There’s a play within a play, minimal sets, the ghost of a murdered king, an unlikely hero, witches and other clever characters” she said.

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  • In the September school holidays Tribe Youth Theatre will present their second musical Grease. Celebrating its 40th anniversary in 2018, Grease’s characters, storyline and particularly its music are as popular today as ever.  Director Vanessa Bate is looking forward to directing this time-piece.

Grease logo on white with billing

“These were the days of rock ‘n’ roll, Elvis Presley, civil rights, the post war baby boom and Cadillacs, what’s not to love?” she said.

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